Expert: More Action Needed to Solve India's Air Pollution Problem

- Senin, 27 September 2021 | 13:29 WIB
India's Air Pollution (UmatPost)
India's Air Pollution (UmatPost)


UmatPost - Air pollution could be a significant issue in Asian nation and incorporate nationwide action, a number one public health professional aforementioned because the World Environmental Health Day is being determined on Sunday.

K. Srinath Reddy, president of the general public Health Foundation company told Anadolu Agency that environmental pollution is a very important space of concern regarding the general public health purpose of read within the country and a lot of steps area unit required to influence the matter.

"It is definitely dangerous in some components of the country wherever pollution levels area unit quite high and that they ought to be brought down. In alternative components too, wherever they're somewhat lower however still exceed WHO norms, action is required to cut back pollution levels to cut back health hazards," aforementioned Reddy.

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"It incorporate all Asian nation action apart from some places, wherever their quality is extremely sensible. There area unit several places with poor air quality ... we want to undertake action to enhance the air quality."

Air pollution, particularly within the capital of latest city, has become a significant drawback that worsens throughout the winter from Gregorian calendar month to Jan.

A report by the Lancet medical journal aforementioned last year that pollution killed one.7 million Indians in 2019.

According to Reddy, 2 styles of pollution that area unit significantly of concern: close pollution or out of doors pollution and indoor pollution. "Both area unit made by totally different causes and that they area unit inflicting many health-related issues," he said.


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